New release of "The seasons"

Please check out the new release of "The seasons".


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Welcome Home Soldier

LA's longest running play, about US soldiers returning home from the horrors of Vietnam, is finally making its East Coast debut, with me in the role of Ellen. Come catch us in West Chester PA. Here's the link:

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Sinner's moon

I have been cast in the lead role for "Sinner's Moon", the latest project from Frank Juchniewicz.

Here is the link:

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Playhouse West scene night

For the third time I participated in Playhouse West’s Scene Night in Philadelphia. I played Karen Wright in a short scene from “The Children's Hour” by Lillian Hellman. It was the most emotionally challenging scene that I have ever played! I greatly enjoyed the ride.

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French DVD'S

I had the pleasure to film two more DVD's for Whistlefritz this weekend. What a lot of fun!

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My first national commercial!

Look out for an upcoming Comcast NBC Universal trailer for the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics. Filmed in Manhattan, NYC with me as the principal.

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Whistlefritz French immersion

"From the second the catchy little song about travelling the world with Fritzi the Mouse started, to the moment Marie (the host) said au revoir, K was hooked. She sat through the whole 30 minutes, then asked to watch it again." 

To read the whole review go to

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New York representation

Andreadis Talent Agency just took me on! They even told me that I am the only French talent currently on their books.

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A Good Deed

I am very proud to have been part of "A Good Deed", a short film directed by Dennis Jeantet, written by and starring Dennis Jeantet & Luke Martin; Members of Playhouse West Philadelphia

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Whistlefritz French Immersion

Check it out: 

Available on Amazon!

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Playhouse West Scene Night

For the second time I participated in Playhouse West's Scene Night in Philadelphia. I played Mary Haines in a short scene from "The Women" by Clare Boothe Luce. Numerous colleagues from film and theatre were in attendance and we received great feedback. Cannot wait for the next one!

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The first DVD in the new French language immersion series for children from Whistlefritz - Available in November... will keep you posted!

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Spanish, German, Italian, Russian... learning a few accents (in English) will increase my scope as a European woman!

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Playhouse West 1st year anniversary!

I was thrilled to play Anne Marie in "The secrets of Sycamore street" at Playhouse West last night. The public was fantastic and we also celebrated the 1 year of Anniversay of the school. What a memorable evening!

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Filming French DVD's for children

I have just finished filming French DVD's for children. I had an amazing experience using a green screen and also working with a teleprompter. The crew was fantastic and I had a wonderful time. Cannot wait to do more!

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Audio performance

My professional Voice-Over demo is finally available! Please check it out in the " Audio Samples" tab.

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An actor never stops training

I'm taking my voice and speech coaching with Joanne Joella to the next level. Six hours a week with such a patient, dedicated and talented coach is putting me in full control of my English accent(s)!

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Feature film

I spent all day Monday on set in Philadelphia for The Church, directed by Dom Frank. Always wonderful to be surrounded by true professionals.

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"From the Ashes"

I have the pleasure to announce that I have been cast for the lead role of Eva in thriller From the Ashes directed by Alannah Byrnes.

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Playhouse West-Philadelphia

I am officially a member of the Playhouse West!

It is a privilege to learn and train with Tony Savant; like having a direct connection to Sanford Meisner himself.

"Acting is behaving truthfully under imaginary circumstances." - Sanford Meisner



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